when humanity awakens

As long as humans remain prisoners of their egosystems*
(body, emotions, thoughts, desires, conditioning, personality),
their chances of living in harmony,
with themselves,
with others,
with the ecosystem of which they are a part,
seem bleak.

Their perilous history and weakness are evidence of this.

In order to improve their short stay on Earth,
could they not simply rise,
reach  beyond the human condition,
tap into a creative form of intelligence,
more spontaneous,
that goes beyond simple reasoning
and the limits of their conditioned personality
that they will have to relinquish eventually anyway?

*The term egosystem was coined by Anne Fontaine

Gontran Girard Written by:

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  1. Murielle
    April 15, 2016

    What a nice piece of writing !
    How disturbing for the mind at first, but then so peaceful by the truth conveyed — the most awakening part of it being the rhetorical question, to me !
    No doubt that anyone can be the same person after reading this piece of poetry which gives you food for thought.
    The music — the final line — has been adequately chosen.

    Thanks for sharing, Gontran.

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