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Anne Fontaine


Gontran Girard

Linguistic Revision

Anne Girard

French-to-English Translation

Colleen Bilodeau


Gontran Girard


Thibaut Foch

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Nicolas M. Careau
Isabelle Bouchard

Original Idea

Gontran Girard


“Slack Water”

When the St. Lawrence River is at high tide, there are a few magical moments of calm just before the tide starts to recede. This phenomenon is even more impressive in January, when everything is covered in ice.

Recording: Guy Charbonneau, Radio-Canada

Mastering: Guy Charbonneau

Artistic Advisor and Piano Teacher : Gilles Beaudoin

Graphic Design: Anne Fontaine

All music composed and performed by Gontran Girard

©Gontran Girard


Imago is an invitation to cultivate greater inner peace, respite that allows the images and scenes of soothing, quiet and serenity that marked our lives come to the surface.

Recording: François Goupil, Radio-Canada

Mastering: François Goupil, Claude Laflamme

Editing: Nicolas Cousin (Pikmusic)

Artistic Adviser and Piano Teacher: Gilles Beaudoin

Public Relations: Nicole Blouin NB communication

Graphic Design: Pouliot Guay graphistes, Michel Guay

Special Thanks: Pierre-Antoine Girard,Frédéric Thériault, Christopher J Reed,

Olivier Bourbeau, Madeleine Bélanger and Françoise Morin

All music composed and performed by Gontran Girard

©Gontran Girard/Intermède communications


Music could not exist without the silence that underpins it and that is its fountainhead.

Recording: Studio Séquence Inc, Québec  Alexandre Goulet, Programming

Mixing and Sound Engineering: Yves Drolet

Mastering and Editing: René talbot

Special Advisor: Frédéric Thériault

Graphic Design: Paul Etterlin and Compelec Inc

Orchestrations and Arrangements: Gilles Beaudoin

Musicians: Flute: Jacquelin Samson

Percussion and Drums for Santa Barbara and Harmony: Jean Ainsly

Saxophone for Harmony: Jean Boutin

Synthesizers: Gilles Beaudoin

Piano: Gontran Girard

Special Thanks: Gilles Beaudoin for his musical advice, coaching and his invaluable help along the way.

All music composed by Gontran Girard

©Gontran Girard

“Birth of a Butterfly”

Before revealing to us the full breadth of its beauty, a butterfly undergoes several transformations:

« From egg to caterpillar to pupa to butterfly. »

Recording and Mastering: Bruce Edwards Studio PSM Québec

Orchestrations and Arrangements: Gilles Beaudoin

Graphic Design: Christiane Fortier

Synthesizers: Gilles Beaudoin

Percussion and Drums: Jean Ainsley

Flute and Saxophone: Jean Boutin

Acoustic Guitar: Louis Leblond

Piano: Gontran Girard

Special Thanks: Christiane Fortier and Gilles Beaudoin for their musical advice, coaching and invaluable help along the way.

All music composed by Gontran Girard

©Gontran Girard/Intermède communications for Soul Mate and Softly Waiting