Despite the breadth of our knowledge,
despite history’s lessons,
why do we continue to emphasize our differences?
Why do we continue to wage an inner battle about what we should be?

Instead,why don’t we go back to our roots?
Listen to the silence within us,
touch the current of love that unites us,
that allows our differences to become complimentary?

In this silence from within,
not in the racket of our agitated minds
caused by the fear of death.

There is a bit of eternity within us.
Have we forgotten that?

Returning to our roots is a reminder of this.
This wellspring so close as to hardly be perceptible.
It is hidden in quiet and inner peace,
all the better to explode in a burst of joy.

This fullness, this abundance that lives within us and surrounds us
but that we refuse to see,
busy as we are outside of ourselves.

Gontran Girard Written by:

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