Glass cages

Glass cages continue to rise in the sky,
reaching for the highest summit,
like Icarus,
defying the sun and the heavens.

Most of the Earth’s people live in cities,
shared properties, rooftop gardens,
third storeys of highway ramps,
Mexico and Shanghai are suffocating.

Mankind does not lack imagination.
It abandoned nature,its most faithful ally.
It talks incessantly about sustainable development,
claiming that it wants so save the planet,
but the cages grow ever taller.

More and more, we live piled atop one another.
We politely swap CO2 credits
from one city or country to another

and environmental research budgets are increasingly lavish.

Peace! Tranquility!
Our quest for meaning should lead us back there, little by little.
Our body sensations,thoughts, emotivity,
profoundly listening to them without judgment,
so that we truly welcome them.

Thankfully, certain ancient practices will help mankind:
yoga, meditation, pranayama, silent retreats,
they re-connect us with what is truly important.

Silence, Serenity, to guide our intelligence
and free us from our glass cage,
our mind,
where we have imprisoned ourselves.

In the end, we will respond to Nature’s beauty and wisdom.
Will we let ourselves be inspired?
Will our glass cages let the light in?


The City of Lights has just hired a shepherd with his flock of sheep to tend city lawns.
There are more and more rooftop vegetable gardens.
A person living in the 18th arrondissement has four hens that provide eggs in the morning…

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